The Story of Airhart Construction

Having built homes for over 50 years, we understand that building homes requires incredible attention to detail, entails hundreds of important decisions, and requires the service capabilities that a major investment demands.  At Airhart Construction, we have assembled the right team of professionals to ensure that your needs are met throughout the building process.

  • Our Design Team, led by our on-staff architect, is constantly reviewing and improving our home designs to reflect today’s lifestyles. Their goal is to make sure your home will be uniquely yours.
  • Our Construction and Estimating Teams are experts at evaluating new products and construction techniques ensuring that our homes are built to the highest quality and energy efficiency standards, while providing the greatest value for your dollar.
  • Our Sales Team spends the time you deserve, reviewing your needs and wants in order to better understand the goals you have for your new home.  They have the knowledge and understanding to help you navigate through all phases of the decision making process.
  • Our Homeowner Construction Representatives are there to work with you starting with your first meeting at the design center until the day you move into your new home.  They ensure that your questions are answered in a timely manner and respond to any concerns you may have along the way. Their goal is to make the home building experience with Airhart Construction a time that you will enjoy.
  • Our Construction Team has the experience, knowledge and professionalism you would expect from a company that has built homes for over 50 years.  They ensure your home is built with the highest levels of craftsmanship and the attention to detail that your investment deserves.  In addition, they make sure that your home is delivered to you on time.
  • Our Service Team is there to ensure that once you move into your new home, any unforeseen issues you may encounter are responded to in a timely manner.  Of course, they are always there to answer any questions you may have about maintaining your home.

Our Team approach comes from the experience of being in the homebuilding business for 50 years. Having begun as a painting and remodeling business in 1959, and building our first home in 1964, we understand not only what a home's fine finishes need to be, but the critical components involved in constructing a solid home of lasting value. Our foundational principles have led us to constantly challenge ourselves to provide an ever improving level of design, construction, and service, giving our clients the home we believe they deserve.

We truly are committed to "Building a Better Tomorrow."


Airhart Construction offers commercial office space through Midland Ventures.


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