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ASK THE BUILDER: At Airhart Construction, do you allow custom changes, or any changes?

As a custom builder, we love the process of working with our current home plans and customizing it to meet our client’s needs. 

Working in tandem with our sales team, you will review home plans and create a list of customization ideas that you desire in order to make the home uniquely yours.  These custom changes could include modifying the cabinet layout, adding trim moldings, creating volume ceilings, expanding or even adding rooms, or perhaps even changing the exterior elevation of the home. 

Many of these customizations will not require drawings, but some do.  If changes require an architectural drawing, we will request a deposit to cover the architects time. Pricing the changes, however, is included as a part of our standard process.  You will then be provided with an itemized sales worksheet, which allows you to review the changes and any additional costs.  Once those changes have been approved, we can move forward to contract.  Once the contract is signed, the next step is meeting with our selections coordinator.  At this meeting, you will complete and fine tune your selections and make any other custom changes as needed.

Click on the link below to view our three-part video series on building a custom home with Airhart Construction.  Although it discusses building on a customer’s lot, it also applies to the homes we build in our own neighborhoods.


Airhart Construction offers plenty of opportunities to make a home uniquely yours.  We look forward to meeting you and to helping you make your new home vision a reality.

Court Airhart