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Pocket Office

Pocket Office flex room for custom home by home builder Airhart Construction

In what may be the new normal, it is important more than ever to think about how the designs of our homes help us achieve a balanced work from home environment.

The “Pocket Office” is one work from home option.  What is a “Pocket Office”?  They are small spaces that may be off the kitchen, a part of a loft, could be an extension of the rear entry or simply a space around the corner from a main living area.  As we design our homes we look for spaces that give a level of privacy, yet do not take up key space in the home.  Our design cues for this space include:

  1. Comfortability;
  2. natural light filled;
  3. well suited to access technology;
  4. furniture friendly (are you using a stand up desk?); and
  5. perhaps, most importantly, a space that you can leave.

This space does not need to be a large.  In fact, the ergonomics of your work space are most important.   You are gathering online now.  The ancillary filing cabinets, copiers, etc. aren’t as important with so much in the cloud. 

While working from home may turn into the norm 1-3 days a week, you want to make sure you are able to get away from it as well. Because isn’t that what your home is supposed to be, a place of rest.

So keep all of these things in mind as you evaluate floor plans and plan for your “Pocket Office.”