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Strong Foundations: Airhart Construction Celebrates 60 Years of Homebuilding Excellence in Chicagoland

The Nordic III design circa 1991

For six decades, Airhart Construction has made buyers’ dream homes a reality in the western suburbs of Chicago. Beginning in 1959 as a remodeling and painting company, Airhart Construction built their first home in Wheaton in 1964. From that day forward Airhart has built a reputation of excellence, integrity, and innovation in the homebuilding industry.

According to firm president Court Airhart, four main factors contribute to the company’s success and have earned Airhart Construction a high percentage of referrals:  The continual focus on designing and building better homes for their customers; the long-standing team members and tradesman that provide a wealth of experience; the care placed in client communication and service; and filling unmet needs in the market.

It’s a Family Thing

When Mac Airhart, Court’s father, first started building homes in the ‘60s the focus was on modern designs with cedar mansard roofs that seemed to grow organically from the landscape. This intrigued the buying public.  The exciting open floor plans with tall ceilings were something the public had not seen, and the company grew. As Airhart Construction became busier, Vonla Airhart, Court’s mother, became the interior designer at the firm. Even Court’s grandfather, who had retired from farming, came out of retirement to work for 15 years as the company continued to grow.

During the 1970s and 1980s, the company transitioned to building more Scandinavian contemporary-style homes.  The most popular of these was a multi-level home known as the “Nordic”, which had geometric shapes and angled cedar siding. Airhart Construction won many design awards for this home. “Balance is so critical in design” Court Airhart notes, “Especially on modern designs.  I think this is one of the key things my father was able to achieve that made these homes so attractive to our buyers.”  Airhart Construction became well known for its modern designs and open interiors. 

According to founder, Mac Airhart, “Our designs have always focused on the human experience.  Views are extremely important.  Inside a home you want an expansive view, not a restricted one.   Excited anticipation is the feeling we hope our customer’s experience.  We bring the outdoors inside with careful placement of windows and doors. Our in-house architects have been key to our success over the years as we work on developing creative, new designs to meet our buyers' ever-changing needs.”

As the buying public's aesthetic moved away from modern designs, and as Airhart Construction grew, their design goals remained the same, to fill unmet needs in the market.  Airhart Construction developed neighborhoods with this goal in mind. Whether those might be rail line neighborhoods in downtown areas, townhomes focused on first floor bedrooms, or neighborhoods developed for on-the-go lifestyles, Airhart Construction’s homes continue to be unique to the market in how they meet modern living requirements. 

Throughout its 60-year evolution, the Airhart team has remained committed to understanding and exceeding the needs of modern homebuyers. Guided by the enduring foundation of principles that Mac Airhart set in place when he started the company, the current generation of Vonla Airhart Glassman, Court’s sister, Mark Glassman, and Court Airhart, proudly uphold this tradition.  

Building is Better with Airhart

Airhart continually evaluates its building processes, home designs, materials, and construction techniques to provide high quality homes. This commitment results in better-built homes at compelling values. Airhart focuses on optimal livability by ensuring that its homes prioritize energy efficiency and superior air quality.  The result is a healthy and comfortable environment for each homeowner.

Court is quick to also talk about their “family” of employees and subcontractors. Many of whom have been there for over 30 years.  “My father-in-law once told me, every asset you have goes home at night. I have never forgotten that lesson. We are truly blessed to have our team of employees and subcontractors who work so hard to deliver high quality homes.” 

“The typical home purchaser's needs have changed over the last 30 years. So, the challenge for us as a builder is to continually ask: ‘What is the modern home buyer looking for today?’” said Court Airhart. “They are active, on-the-go people, whether they are families, couples, busy singles or empty nesters; they all want a high-quality home that can be customized and personalized to meet their specific needs.

As Airhart Construction embarks on its diamond jubilee year, the commitment to crafting homes of unparalleled excellence remains, while also nurturing the relationships that have stood as the cornerstone of their enduring success. Presently Airhart builds throughout DuPage and Kane County, with new home opportunities now available in Wheaton, Winfield, Westmont, and their latest addition, Munhall Glen in St. Charles, IL. At Munhall Glen, a fully furnished model awaits, inviting prospective homeowners to immerse themselves in the distinctive Airhart experience firsthand.

Sales for all Airhart Construction communities are being conducted at Munhall Glen in St.  Charles, IL. Hours are Thursday - Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm, or by appointment.  For more information or to make an appointment, visit www.airhartconstruction.com or call 630-293-3000.

About Airhart Construction:

Airhart Construction is a family-owned and operated homebuilding business that has been serving DuPage and Kane Counties in Illinois since 1964.

Our Philosophy Is Simple

We’ve made it our practice to listen to our clients’ needs and deliver on their desires. To provide creative solutions to our homeowners. To construct top quality homes. To offer first-rate personal attention. This is why Airhart Construction is synonymous with excellence, integrity, and innovation in the homebuilding industry.

Image caption: The Nordic III design circa 1991