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Waterproofing Basement Foundation Walls Using Delta MS Waterproofing System

Basement Foundation Walls with Delta MS Waterproofing System

In this video Court Airhart will examine the type of treatment that Airhart Construction uses on exterior basement walls.  Exterior basement walls are treated to prevent moisture intrusion. At Airhart Construction, we use the Delta-MS waterproofing system.  This is a plastic wrap put on the exterior of the foundation walls which separate the basement from the ground outside.

The Delta-MS waterproofing system has an egg crate configuration, which creates an air space between the concrete foundation wall and the dirt outside.  As concrete dries, hairline cracks may emerge.  This is not a structural problem; it is a natural part of concrete’s drying process.  However, it can cause problems with moisture intrusion because as the concrete cracks, spray-on treatments can crack with it, opening the door to problems.  Delta-MS systems bridge those cracks, allowing any moisture that gets through the sheeting to fall down through the airspace into the drain tile, which leads to the sump-pump.  This eliminates the problem of cracks in the concrete allowing moisture in, which can lead to leaks. 

            The simplicity in function coupled with the practicality in design of the Delta-MS waterproofing systems are the reason that Airhart Construction implements them into our homes.  I hope that this brief look at the product we use to protect the basement and structure of our homes gives you confidence as you look to build your next home.  We look forward to working with you!